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Premier Ewart Brown

Ewart Frederick Brown, Jr. (born 1946) is the Premier of Bermuda, leader of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party (PLP), Minister of Tourism and Transport in the Cabinet, and Member of Parliament for the constituency of Warwick South Central.

On October 27, 2006, Dr. the Hon Ewart F. Brown, JP, MP, was elected by the ruling Progressive Labour Party Government to be the leader of the Party and the leader of the Country. On October 30, 2006, he was sworn in as the Party's third Premier, succeeding the Hon. W. Alexander Scott JP, MP.

Premier Brown's political career has been a fulfilling one, spanning more than three decades. He was the first appointed Minister of Transport following the General Election of November 1998 when the PLP swept to power. After the General Election in July 2003, he was returned to Government as the Minister of Transport and was also appointed as the Deputy Premier of Bermuda.

In July of 2004 following a Cabinet shuffle, Dr. Brown assumed the single Portfolio of The Ministry of Tourism and Transport, when the two Ministries were combined.

Premier Brown, a community-minded, internationally acclaimed physician, spent many years practicing medicine in the US. As Medical Director of Bermuda HealthCare Services, Premier Brown endeavors to provide Bermuda with efficient and cost-effective health care.

He is married to Wanda Henton Brown and has four sons from a previous marriage. One son, Dr. Kevin Brown, is a South Los Angeles physician, currently jailed on suspicion of fraud and sexual assault on a number of female patients; another son, Maurice Pitt, is serving a 10-year jail sentence for armed bank robbery.

Premier Ewart Brown

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