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You can play "Crown and Anchor" at Cup Match.  You can play Bingo at your church or organisation.  You can bet the ponies or any sports match.  And some propose to take it even further.  Some would like to see casinos attracting more tourists to the island.  They say, "Bring on the Online Gambling Hub!"

Others say, "NO!"   Our people have a hard enough time making ends meet without losing hard earned, much needed income on frivolous expenditures like all this gambling. 

  • Still, some are talking about bringing online gambling to the island. 
  • Well guess what!?  Online Gambling Hub is already here!

Bermuda Considers Casino Gambling:  Bermuda's Premier announced the undertaking of a study to investigate the feasibility of bring casinos and lottery gambling to the country.

New study could pave the way for casinos in Bermuda:  The Bermuda Sun is a locally produced newspaper which publishes every Wednesday and The study will examine how much revenue gambling could raise

Bermuda Sun - Stay Connected.  If gambling is legalized in Bermuda some worry that the people who will be most likely New study could pave the way for casinos in Bermuda. FRIDAY, OCT.

Bermuda Mulls Online Gambling Option | Gambling911.comYou are here: Home / Bermuda Mulls Online Gambling Option Renee Webb, backed the study, telling The Royal Gazette: "I was publicly in support of

Gaming and the Presidential Election: All in for McCain 26 Oct 2008 The Bermuda government has suggested it is interested in entering the multi billion dollar online gambling industry, but at what price?

About Bermuda - In 2000, Commissioners were brought in to study the investigation and Legislation to rid Bermuda gambling machines by 2004 was enacted in 2001

Caribbean: News in the Caribbean - Caribbean360.comCaribbean. Bermuda considering casino gambling and the Bermuda Hotel Association (BHA) to conduct a US$300000 feasibility study on gaming in the island.

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"Bermuda to become online gambling hub?"

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it looks like Bermuda could be following the likes of Costa Rica and Antigua and Barbuda.

According to a report in Bermuda's Royal Gazette the tropical island is giving serious consideration on whether to become an online gambling hub like the aforementioned island nations.

If it did decide to become a center for online gambling, "it would mean gamblers abroad, most likely from the U.S., having their wagers processed in Bermuda — giving the betting companies tax breaks on profits and keeping them out of reach of anti-Internet gambling American authorities," Tim Smith of the Gazette reported.

The move would certainly give an "adrenaline shot" into the local economy.

In 2000, Antigua and Barbuda reported that its online gaming sector contributed $37.5 million to local coffers through taxation and employed in the neighborhood of 3000 people.

But establishing an online gaming sector could come with its headaches too.

The United States passed anti-online gambling legislation back in 2006 and there have been a number of indictments and arrests associated with it.

An online gambling study is said to be in the works."     ~

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